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Starting A Monthly Campaign

Beginning A Monthly Marketing Campaign

Optimization campaigns are best done monthly, with short, medium and long-term keyword goals in mind. Each project is unique to the client and their business. We’d be happy to do a free website assessment for you to help you better understand where you’re currently at, where you could be, and what it’ll take to get there. Click here to fill in our contact request form below and we’ll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on great customer service and results that speak for themselves, and are ready to get your campaign fired up and running at full speed today.

Who Are We?

Arizona Search Marketing Campaign Optimization

#1 Phoenix SEO is a local optimization agency with over 10+ years of experience with search engine optimization. We’ve been through many Google updates, changes in best practices, and have a keen eye for what works in today’s competitive landscape. We’re also constantly staying up-to-date by attending conferences, networking with other groups, and testing in real time within the rankings. This keeps us on the cutting edge when it comes to results, updates, and best practices we can implement for you.


If you’re looking to begin optimizing within Phoenix1, Scottsdale2, Mesa3, Tempe4, or even nationwide, we’d be happy to take the time to learn about your business, and recommend a solution to implement. A unique strategy will be developed, based on your goals, time frames, and available budget. Visit our About Us »

What Is SEO Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization

Put simply, search engine optimization is all about shining the best light on your business’ website by optimizing keywords, collecting links, setting up social media profiles, and targeting specific goals. The process includes many adjustments, additions, and removals of bad practices, all based on over a decade of continued education and expertise. Google and other search engines have changed a lot over the years, requiring constant adaptation and research to stay optimized correctly.

What Are The Main Ranking Factors?

Local Search Rankings Factors

Google’s algorithm takes into account over 200+ major ranking factors when assessing website and brand presence. These are broken down into two main categories: on-page and off-page factors. On-page factors look primarily at your website or property you’re optimizing. This include a wide array of things, such as title tags, descriptions, keyword density, social signals, images, your coding, and more.


Off-page factors are more like signals that search engines look at and factor in, based on other websites, synced up profiles, social media presence, and so forth. Backlinks from other websites play a big role in this category, as well as the anchor text being used, social signals from other platforms, NAP citations that show up on other websites and directories, geographical relevancy based on content, and more.

What Is RankBrain?

Artificial Intelligence Update

While Google has always been learning and processing all of these factors over the years, it was officially confirmed in late 2015 that a RankBrain5 algorithm update had occurred. RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system which helps Google process search results, and aims to provide the user with more relevant search results. Google has also confirmed that RankBrain related factors are the third most important factor within the algorithm, along with backlinks from other websites and website content.

According to our research and based on our testing, RankBrain had a lot to do with searcher and keyword intent. Google now has a much better understanding what a user is trying to find based on what they’re searching for. For us, this is a great thing. Gone are the days of ranking for any old keyword. These days, it’s much more important for your website to answer a question, or make sense for the keyword’s intent. We’ll be glad to give you more insights on how this fits into our strategy.

Why Is SEO Important?

Strategy Session

Focusing budget on a monthly search engine optimization campaign can be huge for both local and national companies. It gives us the unique opportunity to target potential customers who are actively searching for a solution. Based on their keyword query, we can target them with our services or products. Conversion rates tend to be sky high compared to other forms of more traditional advertising.

Why Do I Need Page One Rankings?

Search Marketing Results Improved Visibility

While pay per click advertising can (and should) be a part of your overall marketing strategy, searchers tend to significantly favor the organic search results on page one of Google. There have been studies6 done over the years to verify that over 90% of organic search traffic stays on page one of Google. This is precisely the reason why it’s vitally important to be showing up on page one for all relevant keywords. It’s a big game changer for any type of company who wants more visibility, clicks, leads and sales.

Why Is Content Important?

Content Marketing

Content is a blanket term used to describe words and rich media (images and videos) that lives on your website. This takes us back to on-page optimization, which is a main category of important factors. Search engine bots come along and spider the information that is on your website, analyzing it to understand all that it can about your business, location, services you offer, and products you sell.


The more optimized, comprehensive and authoritative your content is, the more favored you’ll be to show up for keywords and satisfy the searcher’s intent. Search engines also take into account how many pages your website has as a sign of authority. All main content should always be as unique as possible, as duplicate content can hold a website back a lot in the rankings. Exceptions include press releases or curated content, but these should be published first on your website before being distributed.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Search Campaign Strategies

On average, campaigns tend to mature and gain traction within three to six months, but can also take longer if a website is starting from scratch. We follow an optimization process that allows Google to take notice, as we continue to feed in better content, authoritative links, on-page changes, citations, and more. Authority and trust aren’t built overnight, but can be greatly accelerated by following a set schedule and plan to optimize for search. This is why dedicating budget to a monthly campaign is best.

We view SEO as an art that’s based on a science. There are many fundamentals to follow, but there are also endless routes to take to gain first page placement and rankings. Strategies vary from campaign to campaign, especially when working on branding, keywords, or reputation management. Different techniques and creative ideas can be employed to accomplish a variety of goals. For this reason, it’s important to plug in an organic search engine optimization to your overall marketing strategy. One channel should never be relied on solely, as best practices change over time.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business7 is Google’s exclusive platform to help businesses and organizations manage their online presence across Google, including the search listings and maps. For local businesses serving a particular city or market, the location listing is verified and optimized accordingly, creating the unique opportunity to show up within the maps listing that pops up on local intent keywords. These are most often shown as a three-pack, with the business’ name, address, and company information displayed.


Businesses verified by Google are twice as likely to be considered reputable by potential customers, resulting in more trust, a better first impression, and higher conversion rates. GMB management is a key stable in any locally focused campaign, and is typically combined with organic search optimization for the best results. Overall, the ability to interact with customers, as well as understand and improve your search presence, makes verifying and optimizing with the help of Google My Business priceless.

What Is A Citation?

Small Business Owner

Citations are another strong signal to optimize and create to help improve local authority and trust, especially for a Google My Business map listing. This type of optimization is often done on directories and business listings, and includes a company’s name, address, and phone number (referred to as their NAP).

When possible, we also link back to the client website, and include a Google My Maps8 listing on the about page to help send Google all of the right signals. Here is what our citation and map looks like:

#1 Phoenix SEO
20435 N 7th St #1054
Phoenix, AZ 85024
(480) 401-5445

Using Google properties to boost authority isn’t only important, it’s vital. It’s part of our secret sauce that helps build authority quickly, while social signals help supplement the growth.

What Is Video SEO?

Digital Marketing Channels

Video SEO refers to search engine optimization that is done for videos, typically within YouTube and on Google search listings. YouTube is another massive opportunity for nearly every business, and technically ranks as the second largest search engine. YouTube and Google work together synergistically, oftentimes resulting in rankings inside of the YouTube9 platform, as well as in Google search rankings.

Here’s an example of our own video marketing campaign for our services and website:

On average, there are over a billion mobile video views per day. That’s a massive amount of traffic. When working with a decent sized budget, we recommend dedicating resources and time to optimizing for YouTube. It can take some time to create video content, but technology has made it easier than ever.

What Is Search Console?

Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console10 is another important tool for optimizing and maintaining your website’s presence within search results. It gives you the ability to verify your property and see exactly how search bots are viewing and displaying your content. Optimizing search performance is ten times easier when working with tools provided by Google. It’s the easiest way to double check if Google is accessing your content correctly, submit new content for crawling (or remove content), maintain your website, and also monitor and resolve your malware or spam issues, so your website stays healthy.


By using Search Console, we’re also able to look through exact search data provided by Google, giving us a firsthand glimpse at where keywords are rankings, what terms are getting clicks, and potential opportunities to move from the second page to the first. We combine this data with other tools such as SEM Rush to identify keyword opportunities, to help set goals and campaign milestones.

What Is A Social Fortress?

Social Media Fortress

If you read our blog or look through our services page, you’ll likely see the term social fortress used more than a couple of times. This is because we believe strongly in this technique and it flat out works. A social fortress refers to all of the high-level, popular social media profiles we all have access to creating. Time and time again we see both small and large businesses not taking advantage of these valuable properties. From an SEO standpoint, they’re gold for building up a strong social and brand foundation.

The reason we call it a social fortress is because the profiles created form a sort of stronghold that fortifies your business’ online presence, and lays out an excellent foundation for additional growth. This helps build up your brand, incoming backlinks, and helps add to your domain authority. The other cool thing is that with most of these profiles, you don’t need to have a strong presence on those platforms. You can, and should, be utilizing social media to drive more brand awareness and traffic, but if you don’t have the resources right now, they can simply act as a directory listing to sync up and link back to you.

Why Is Having A Website Important?

Website Design

If you’re new to online marketing, you’re going to quickly realize how amazing it is to be live on the web. Your website is like your central hub, providing information and selling visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you’re established, you’ll be able to list your phone number, and receive leads through online forms. These will be delivered to you instantly through email. While the online landscape has matured a lot in the last two decades, there are still many up and coming ways to get your business in front of potential customers to earn their business. Search engine optimization is definitely one of them.

The same is true for blog posts or videos you create. These are like mini salesman, informing, educating, and leading customers back to your business. Each piece of content you create is like a slice of digital real estate. It doesn’t take long before your efforts snowball into more sales and lead momentum.

What Should I Do Now?

Contact us. You’re already in the right place. Even if we don’t end up working together, we’d be glad to give you some suggestions and lead you down the right path. Search engine optimization is a great plug and play marketing channel to add into any business. We look forward to working with you soon!

We’ll be developing more content, graphs, and articles soon, so make sure to subscribe to our website and social channels. Update: Our Social Fortress foundation is almost complete.

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    Downtown Phoenix Activities & Events

    Downtown is another gem, with lots of interesting art (including a bustling art community), revitalized parts of the city, and plenty of cafes and coffee shops to check out. Enjoy unique year-round experiences, a booming live music scene, and exciting sporting events. It’s truly the epicenter of fun things to do in the area, and continues to evolve every year.

    The other fascinating thing about the downtown area is that it’s currently undergoing a rare transformation. Gone are the days of suburban sprawl, with baby boomers, young professionals, and millennial flocking back to the city center. For the first time in nearly four decades, the area is repopulating in a major way. A big motivation is for residents to be less dependent on their cars. Walking and biking has come back into style, allowing for a quick, interesting commute to work. Downtown, urban living at its finest. Check back often for new installments.


    Learning More About Phoenix, Arizona

    Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, a state in the southwestern region of the United States. Its booming growth, growing surrounding cities, and high population make it the perfect spot to run an online marketing campaign. Performing arts venues, historic museums, fine arts, and awesome architecture abound. Tourism is one of the city’s largest industries, and is ranked among the nation’s top destinations for 5 Diamond & 5 Star resorts and experiences.

    A major tourist and leisure attraction of the area is the gorgeous, dry weather from late October to late April. Average daytime temperatures during this time of the year range between the mid 60’s and 80’s, with very few days of rain. Snowfall in the valley is extremely rare, but is accessible by traveling to Northern Arizona (Flagstaff and Sedona are popular destinations). Hiking, golf, and lounging poolside is possible all year long here in the valley. Great for vacation or living.

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    Things To Do In The Valley Of The Sun

    If it’s your first time visiting the Phoenix area, you’re going to be in for a big treat. The southwestern culture, desert landscapes, and variety of activities will make for endless fun and leisure time. The city certainly has more to offer than just the resort life. The Desert Botanical Garden is a great place to start off if flora and fauna are of interest to you. Regardless, it makes for a great spot to learn about and enjoy beautifully landscaped grounds, as well as grab lunch at Gertrude’s, located just inside the garden.

    Another visitor favorite is hiking Camelback Mountain. The iconic mountain is visible from around the valley, and includes two main hiking trail heads. The Zoo is another great spot to enjoy nature. Make sure to spend some time in Papago Park, and visit Hole in the Rock for a beautifully framed sunset. We’ll be coming out with a full article soon to cover all of these great things to do in the area.