If you’re looking for the #1 SEO company, you’ve come to the right place: but we’re saying not just because we’ve spent years perfecting the techniques that actually put Phoenix businesses on the map, but also because we want to share with you how search engine optimization (SEO) actually works when you’re creating any kind of campaign, from local  campaigns to worldwide campaigns targeting different countries, to promote products (as in the case of an e-commerce website).

If you’ve tried to improve the ranking of your website to effectively target the Phoenix area or any other city in Arizona, you probably realized early on that apart from generating the right content, it’s more of an on-going effort, and there are so many other factors or moving parts to consider – not just the content that you’re putting in your website.

And it’s alright – if you have the time to learn the ropes, you may get there in due time. But if you want your business to rank high on Google for your target keywords, would you place that as a mere possibility, a maybe, in the near future? Or would you approach the problem as any sensible entrepreneur or business person would – with the intent to succeed in an ongoing effort?

What other factors are we talking about when a business wants to grow on the Web by attracting views, clicks and purchases? There are many, but let’s begin with topic relevancy.

Topic relevance is essentially the theme of your website which will influence not just your content and all other on-page efforts, but also off-page efforts as well. If your business is about selling dental aids, for example, your website has to follow a particular thematic flow that corresponds not just to your business format and your vision for the website, but also what the market is responsive to.

The process of aligning the website to both sides of the picture requires expert knowledge of the SEO process and an even more intimate knowledge of your niche, or the part of the market that you would like to interact with online.

Being relevant for a particular theme means the SEO agency would have to to structure your website (its pages, content, tags and all sorts of other stuff) in a way that entire website itself would carry more authority for a particular set of keywords and content.

This takes time and effort, but it is extremely doable, especially if you are willing to devote a monthly budget for the continuous development and updating of your website. With the pace that other websites are developing right now, you certainly need to ‘catch up’ if no previous efforts have been underway to make your website more relevant to your market.

In addition to building great content, there’s also link building power, which involves both inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are links found on highly ranked and  highly relevant websites within the same ‘pond’ or ecosystem that your website is located online.

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