These constituents are astonishing.

“Arizona” off of her upcoming document “Rule Sixty two” (out October 6, 2017)

Pre-State Rule Sixty two:

Bet I must have identified by the means you treat your mama
Bet I must have read the warning indicators
Bet that I became as soon as blinded, wager that I became as soon as fooled
Seen ya and I had to earn you mine

How became as soon as I to know there wasn’t nothin’ on your soul?
Recently I have been questioning what ya bleed
You behold out for you, that’s what you will constantly draw
Certain as hell ain’t lookin’ out for me

Your total whereas I’ve identified ya
I’ve dreamed of Arizona
I became as soon as never instructed
You were so rattling frigid
I deserve honest a slight warmth now
I could pack my bags this day
I’m off to Arizona
Arizona’s the put I could effect

Oh draw now no longer mediate that I draw now no longer indicate it, in hours I could be in Phoenix
Sippin’ somethin’ solid there on the row
Subsequent I could hit the barren region, I could discover myself a cactus
You gave me a total lot note huggin’ those

That Arizona sky, namely at night
Cherish nothin’ I’ve ever considered sooner than
I could take a seat and appreciate the morning time on the Santa Rita Mountains
Thankin’ god that I became as soon as born




I’m off to Arizona
Arizona’s the put I could effect

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