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Whee! Tommy said goodbye to his mother as he left for Phoenix, Arizona to flow at the Desolate tract Subject Games 2018. He used to be lucky to have very kindly helps alongside for the outing- his Ottawa Lions coaching accomplice Andrew Heffernan, his Autism Assistance Dog Manual Adel, and his dad Peter! We need the total Paralympic Hopefuls competing at the games the supreme of kindly fortune! Tommy is all over again doing his T20 Classification with the International Paralympic Committee on Thursday, after which racing the T20 1500m on Friday evening. We’re so grateful for the very kindly opportunities Athletics Canada and the IPC are extending to Tommy as he works laborious day-to-day coaching and racing to prevail in his contrivance of racing at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games! Thank you to the total fellow runners and extremely kind chums, each and each online and in person, who’re so critical in supporting Tommy, cheering him on, and sharing on this superior creep! We esteem you all! Updates coming soon! Whee! PS Tommy repeatedly quotes the Rescuers Down Below, Disney, on rob off. Bernard and Bianca, the mice who head to Australia to rescue Cody from McLeech, fly on Wilbur, the hilarious rooster who acts as an airplane! Would possibly presumably have to you hear carefully, it is likely you’ll maybe maybe hear Tommy and Peter quoting the movie! As repeatedly, Tommy depends on his gigantic bank of Disney movie strains to remark his solutions about his experiences, and to share his pleasure in the moment as he heads out on each and each unique adventure!
Tommy is an Athlete with Autism who loves Disney!
Tommy’s mantra is “I could perhaps be the First Fastest Runner in the World!” Thank you for sharing his attractive, joyous message ☺

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