My grandpa says this plugin is smart!!

On October seventh, 2018 spherical 7:15pm My lady friend and I had been strolling on the way abet to our automobile while pokemon trying at Tempe sea trudge park in phoenix arizona, we seemed up and seen what seemed esteem an huge searchlight within the sky, however it instant changed into some style of spaceship/comet/ creature having a take into story thing!, please excuse the dialogue the video is unedited and I genuinely possess viewed that right here is supposedly a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket however is it too a long way of a stretch that it would be one thing else? Expose me what you think within the feedback!

Heres yet any other standpoint unheard of nearer in California the set aside the supposed rocket changed into launched, THIS DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A ROCKET TO ME!
All credit goes to the owner of the video!

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