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While you happen to loyal watched Brian Dean’s 15 all time BEST seo guidelines and are questioning how to implement them in WordPress, then this video is for you.

Let me commence by asserting that I’m a Brian Dean fan, that listed below are the links to the video and his channel:

Here is the checklist:
1. Quick URL’s atrocious greater in google
2. Use amazon for keyword study: e book desk of contents
three. Optimize title for CTR & seo (CTR is a rating signal)
Four. Post divulge increased then 1,890
5. Use title tag modifiers: the sizzling yr, most captivating, overview, free shipping, guidelines
6. Use keyword filthy rich URL’s
7. Use numbers on your title to take CTR: titles with numbers get extra clicks
Eight. Use 2 step electronic mail outreach: make a technique links
9. Broken link building: win a damaged link you desire a link on
10. Grab key phrases with strong commercial intent
eleven. Delete underperforming pages: having extra pages on a instruct is atrocious for seo, zombie pages
12. Video seo video
Thirteen. Use reddit for keyword study
14. Link out to authority web sites
15. Hack wikipedia: eye on the TOC

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