This is another adorable component!

It might perchance maybe maybe probably perchance finest be dwelling to 2 roller coasters, but you’re going to be in a residing to still grasp a relaxing time at the finest amusement park in Arizona!

Want to vary into a segment of Coaster Studios? Defend shut images around the parks, send them to me, and so that they’d perchance appropriate earn featured in a video! Please send them to Photos must had been taken by you, and might perchance maybe perchance’t be watermarked. By sending them to me, that you might perchance very successfully be giving me the finest to edit them and use them in any video that I decide. I am accepting images from any park, any place! Photos don’t must be of appropriate the roller coasters. Any images are liked!

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A Cry-Out goes to Casey Rentmeester for constructing the Coaster Studios difficult impress seen at the starting and end of this video.

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