I love modules, because they are clever!

I needed to strive to uncover the story of this fully handsome relationship, the hasten that these battle thru over the years of greys anatomy has been joyus and heartbreaking and practically every emotion that which that you just may well probably be additionally mediate of, they made errors and hurt every other at cases however they easy had a love that of us would assassinate for I miss them so grand however now not lower than at the tip of all of it they made their scheme help to at least one yet one more.

dedicating this video to the unbelievable jessica capshaw and sara ramirez for portraying these two characters for thus a long time, we thank you.

songs in operating order (all by Slumbering at Final):
chapter 1 “the starting” – neptune
chapter 2 “toddler” – uranus
chapter three “africa” – mars
chapter Four “the proposal” – earth
chapter 5 “married existence” – pluto
chapter 6 “plane rupture” – saturn
chapter 7 “divorce and hope” – mercury
– all songs from the SPACE album-

fandoms: greys anatomy



all rights stride to the point to and musicians which maintain long previous against making this video.

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