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UFO over Phoenix, Arizona | UFO Sightings 2013 | UFO Arizona
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Date of sighting: January 17, 2013
Location of sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Eyewitness states: I used to be once driving home last evening, which is in an elevated portion of the north valley.. I continuously can see town lights, airplane traffic, Luke jets and quite loads of others. I see over and plight Four HUGE glwoing orangish goldish lights hovering over the valley (if I had to guess the home would possibly maybe be I-10ish and most certainly true round 11lth ave) I at once pulled over and started taking photos with my cellular phone. I also took video as neatly. My dad and I are continuously talking about UFOs and such so I went ahead and called him to let him know what I used to be once witnessing and then a 2nd earn of lights this one was once Three of the the identical form of orangish goldish lights. About 2 minutes after that one looked the first earn had Three lights spin out and the last move out. since I used to be once on the phone I used to be once now not in a dwelling to secure a image of the two sets collectively. It was once the most unimaginable component I bask in ever seen and if I had to guess I’d converse no matter each earn of lights was once hooked as much as had to be now not now not as much as the dimensions of two city blocks. Upon reviewing on-line it sounds love a quantity of individuals bask in witnessed identical evens over the past few weeks. The lights looked very vivid and looked to pulsate and practically exchange coloration somewhat they looked to secure bigger and smaller but continuously stayed true in accordance with one every other so positively looked they were connected to one thing.. I bask in seen loads of militia flares in my existence time and watched plenty of shows after the Ninety seven lights and how they tried to perform the flares see qualified love the lights over Phoenix without a luck.. These were DEFINTELY now not flares!!! 2 seperate sets of V love formation of orange lights
Credits: MUFON

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