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Stumble on our sequence of conceal printing courses, education and coaching programs available on the Catspit storefront in Phoenix, Arizona. You perhaps can steal your class and reserve your subject within the following available class online. Please gape every class description for essential points heading within the appropriate route materials and scheduling. Even as you dangle any questions, please call us earlier than you possess a steal narrate.

Catspit Productions, LLC
4219 South thirty seventh Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85040


Arizona Shriek University students and Alumni! Get $25 off your screenprinting courses over $100 with your ASU identification or your ASU Alumni card. The next courses are eligible for the ASU student/Alumni good deal:

and one/

You desires to be 18 years of age or older to participate within the courses and coaching. A father or mother or guardian would perhaps also accompany minors for coaching. It is your responsibility to store and trusty items which would perhaps now not be appropriate for an industrial atmosphere at some stage in coaching. Traipse away your phones, purses and other costly gentle items at dwelling. Enact now not attach on costly formal attach on or other garments as right here is an industrial atmosphere. Please attach in your customary work clothes that would perhaps also additionally be damaged or ruined with out wretchedness. Working with inks, chemical substances and the washout sales subject would perhaps also reason rupture to clothing. Please costume properly. Aprons, gloves, sanitized goggles and a sanitized respirator will most definitely be supplied to your coaching within the washout sales subject subject. Or now not it is a long way mandatory to connect on these. There don’t look like any exceptions. Please attach on shoes that duvet your toes entirely. No bare toes, flip flops, sandals or other exposing shoes is allowed within the shop subject at some stage in coaching. Shoes or sneakers with rubber non proceed soles are instructed. Shorts and short sleeve garments are okay as lengthy as you perceive these clothing items prolong your exposure to inks and chemical substances. Or now not it is a long way mandatory to signal off on the Classes & Coaching Safety Verify List and the Student or Observer Waiver, Originate, and Indemnification Settlement so that you just can participate in courses and instruction.

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Conceal printing instruments and provides store, Phoenix Arizona. Advance in for a talk over with!

4219 South thirty seventh Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85040 – M-F: 10am to 7pm Sat: 12pm to 5pm

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Conceal Printing Presents and Equipment Sales: Environment original requirements in customary customary buyer service. Catspit. Ranar. Severely straightforward. TM

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