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In episode #forty six of The Steve Talks Trusty Property Demonstrate, we discuss why or no longer it’s a GREAT time to raise 2017!

#1. RENT IS EXPENSIVE! – Rent is dear and IT KEEPS GOING UP! A recent stare showed that is de facto effect LESS to OWN a condominium that it is to rent one! Whenever you happen to’ll be ready to qualify for a condominium loan, you have steady earnings, it makes extra sense financially to non-public vs. renting. NOW is the time to procure your geese in a row, dwell the monetary adjustment you have to invent and procure available and BUY YOUR HOUSE!

#2. MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES ARE STILL LOW! – They’re quiet traditionally low! Sure, I know the media LOOOOOVES to hype up all kinds of data and rising hobby rates is truly appropriate one of them LOL! However Let’s procure exact right here…hobby rates within the Four%-5% are quiet GREAT RATES! Benefit from these rates sooner than we in actuality contrivance a vital HIKE!

#three. LOW DOWN PAYMENTS – There is quiet a mis-conception available that you wish 20% or 1000’s upon 1000’s of bucks for a down cost. The actuality is that there are loans that require down payments as little as three%! There are additionally A LOT of DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS available than can befriend duvet ALL of your down cost…quit bet and inaugurate asking! Don’t let a down cost quit you from owning your condominium…there are alternate strategies!

#Four. BUILD EQUITY AS A HOME OWNER! – Owning your individual dwelling contrivance your paying down your mortgage each month. As you are paying down your mortgage, which contrivance you are getting nearer to owing $zero. Which contrivance need to you sell it, you invent the distinction BACK! Money in your pocket… thats known as EQUITY! Furthermore, Trusty Property is truly appropriate one of the most few things in lifestyles that positive aspects effect! In various phrases, the worth of your condominium can expand and you have to to well be ready to sell it for MORE than what you paid for! Guess what… that is money in YOUR POCKET! Whenever you happen to rent, you are paying the dwelling off for somebody else. You are paying down their mortgage. Or no longer it’s time to inaugurate constructing for YOUR FUTURE!

That wraps up episode #forty six of The Steve Talks Trusty Property Demonstrate. Retain sending in your questions and I will dwell my simplest to make a selection answering them!

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