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Highlights from a mountain bike inch at South Mountain in Phoenix Arizona. About an organization from work decided it was as soon as time for me to avoid wasting my mountainous boy pants on and rush on a inch with them. Man am I entirely pleased I took them up on the provide. This inch positively challenged my skillset and also my bodily ability. Our route consisted of 2 intermediate blue squares and three sad diamond trails. With that said, it was as soon as a blast! I’d additionally no longer comprise requested for a better utilizing crew to again relieve me and push me alongside the components. Following them and watching how the tackle diverse sections helped me make stronger my utilizing ability.

I am hoping a gimbal is in my future. Nonetheless for now I agreeable comprise the helmet and Chestie mounts.

Skedaddle info:

Crawl Records:
Javelina Crawl=
Mormon Loop=
Nationwide Crawl=
Beverly Canyon=

Strava Link=


MTB Conducting Link=

Digicam Gear= GoPro Hero three+ Unlit Version @1080P Broad 60FPS with ProTune on. Bewitch it right here: or….derive the Hero four+ Unlit Version 😉

Helmet= Bell Graceful 2R Bewitch it right here:

GoPro Chestie Mount, elevate it right here:


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