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National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona is expanding.

I’m gentle skeptical about the mass graves being frequent for civilians, H5N1 victims, or diversified hypotheses on this affirm. I’m no longer denying that it would be of twin-utilize, however I originate no longer obtain it to be seemingly for this specific affirm. Having a watch at the statistics on most modern living veterans, it would catch sense that they would want this many graves. Many WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Vets are getting up there in age. Gulf War Vets are coming support very sick from DU publicity, “Gulf War Syndrome”, and diversified complications and death upfront.

It looks adore these cement bins are maintaining containers for the flag draped coffins to be lowered in.

If any train had been to be frequent for civilian mass burials after an outbreak, I factor in White Tanks Cemetery would be frequent.

This modified into delivered to my consideration that that is long-established activity for atmosphere up a Veterans’ Cemetery:

I’d adore to thank Shepard Ambellas for breaking this account. I of course hope Alex Jones aspects this video, or no longer no longer up to clips of it on Detention heart Planet TV! Alex, I love your work man, Obama Deception rocked my world!

I adore to thank the crew of INFOWARS for posting my video as a featured account. A million thank yous on that.
Here is my video posted in a bit of writing on INFOWARS:

In the occasion you might per chance maybe very properly be living in Phoenix, AZ, the most realistic means to stare this space is to be along the southern shoulder of Pinnacle Peak Dual carriageway at the Thirty 2nd Avenue ALIGNMENT. Here is between Cave Creek Dual carriageway and Fortieth Avenue in the Desolate tract Ridge neighborhood.

Here dwell Veterans’ statistics:

Here is an aerial photograph of the barren region sooner than the growth:

Here is Google Avenue Scrutinize taken sometime in 2008, sooner than construction: 2nd+St+and+Pinnacle+Peak+Dual carriageway+Phoenix+AZ+85050&sll=37.0625,-Ninety five.677068&sspn=Forty two.987658,93.164063&ie=UTF8&ll=33.698315,-112.013404&spn=Zero.004784,Zero.022745&t=h&z=Sixteen&iwloc=addr&layer=c&cbll=33.698734,-112.013918&panoid=G4G3mrxSAPbOZFtMgklP7w&cbp=Eleven,191.6827428711568,,Zero,2.113207547169803

Here is the Infowars article I’m responding to:

UPDATE four-three-09: KPHO5, native media experiences article on this matter here:

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