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Secureteam10 is your provide for reporting the single in fresh UFO sighting files, data on the government coverup, and the uncommon activity going down on and off of our planet. Electronic mail us YOUR footage and support us continue the appropriate fight for disclosure!
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ALL footage frail is either carried out below the relate permission of the fashioned owner, or is public enviornment and falls below guidelines of Dazzling Exhaust. We’re making such cloth obtainable for the functions of criticism, comment, review and files reporting which constitute the ‘pleasing use’ of this kind of copyrighted cloth as provided for in allotment 107 of the US Copyright Legislation. No longer withstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the pleasing use of a copyrighted work for functions neutral like criticism, comment, review and files reporting is no longer an infringement of copyright.

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