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Enter to exercise a DVD of Cornel West’s speech, focus on over with & use repeat-a-buddy characteristic to invite 5 chums to be taught about the video.

A rare in the assist of-the-scenes video documenting Dr. West’s focus on over with to Arizona by filmmaker and activist, Barni Qaasim.

In a allege where ethnic experiences are banned, a video take care of this becomes contraband. But banned books is no longer going to erase our history, and cancelled lessons is no longer going to possess us neglect. Via fight, we are in a position to jot down ourselves assist into history.

Arizona’s dispute acknowledged purpose is to possess lifestyles depressing for immigrants and their families by plan of a policy of attrition (aka “Self-Deportation”). Our procedure is to carry pleasure. And pleasure is what Dr. West introduced when he spent a day with us in Arizona, bearing glance to the local fight for human rights and sharing the ancient context by which white supremacy continues to linger.

In the face of increasingly vitriolic scapegoating of migrants, we need to realize what we can to stroll the road to justice collectively. And be aware what West teaches, that “justice is what cherish looks to be take care of in public.”

“You fill obtained to fill your roots in space to fill the routes you fill to dawdle.”
– Dr. Cornel West

Visit for more information about the fight against SB1070 and attrition by plan of enforcement.

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