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Now is the time to time desk cool climate lawn overseeding in Phoenix, Arizona for the autumn and funky climate months. We birth up to yelp up our seed repeat and birth our scheduling direction of to your whole work to be performed in October. We are attempting to get all customers to contact us sooner than September 15th for our seed repeat to be delivered on October 1st. We birth up scalping as early because the final week in September and birth spreading seed on October 1st.

We are attempting no longer to overseed after October Thirty first but if it is serious we can obtain this provider in November but will require a mulch topper in repeat for the seed to germinate after temperatures get into the 50’s and below. Finest time for overseeding is when we’re in the 60’s at night, it usually is a minute warmer but no longer mighty. After it gets chillier than that the seed takes arrangement more time to germinate.

The diagram of overseeding starts with scalping the yard and thatching areas where useless grass (thatch) is level-headed. We can assuredly accurate rake out shrimp patches if the total yard doesn’t need thatched to expose the soil. After that, we lay down the seed in 1lb per a hundred sq. toes. We recommend Perennial rye seed since it is a ways a thinner blade grass that holds less water and makes mowing lots simpler. Watering desires to be yelp to three cases per day for at the least 2 weeks during germination to motivate the seed moist with out to mighty pooling or puddling of water. We water at 8am, Noon, and 4pm for 4-6 minute cycles with pop-up sprinklers or 10-15 minute cycles with rotors. Reduction an scrutinize on the soil to be certain that there’s no longer pooling of water for 2-3 weeks.

Mowing for the first time will happen 4 weeks after the installation and that is moreover whereas you fertilize the turf and occupy in bare areas with a minute more seed. Most frequently after 6-Eight weeks you might additionally have a gigantic having a gape lawn.

In case you might additionally have any varied questions or would fancy a more detailed list of exactly what’s included in our regular landscape maintenance please give us a call at (602) 944-0421 or are attempting our site, www.azlawns.com. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and also you might additionally moreover protest us on Fb.com/AMSLandscaping or on twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat at @azlawns.

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