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| Earlier than you change your deteriorated asphalt built up roof, take into consideration having the experts at Starkweather Roofing assess it as a candidate for restoration – a extra cheap, extra energy efficient, extra environmentally excellent, extra sustainable, sooner-to-set up quite plenty of to re-roofing.

Since their inception over than one hundred years previously, asphalt built up roofs absorb earned a recognition as complex, durable and proof in opposition to abuse and foot internet site internet site visitors – nonetheless even a built up roof will no longer final forever. What conclude you conclude when your asphalt flat roof is nearing the conclude of its lifestyles expectancy?

Left unmaintained, over time the merciless UV rays of the southwestern United States oxidize the ground of an asphalt built-up roof, producing a chalk-admire residue. As plasticizers leach out of the asphalt a built-up roof in the smash becomes brittle and begins to blister and crack, allowing water to penetrate the roof system and purpose leaks.

At this point you likely may perchance absorb the selection for proactive cleansing and maintenance to preserve off leaks one day of a rain or monsoon season, nonetheless in the smash you can either must plod-off the present roof and set up a unique system, or stare to absorb Starkweather Roofing set up a seamless, energy efficient built-up roof restoration coating system.

Roof restoration coatings conclude leaks and lengthen the lifetime of your present asphalt roof by 10 or extra years with out the additional prices of plod-off, disposal, and set up a label unique roof. One other profit is return on funding. Reflective roof coatings are cool roofing programs, which decrease your energy consumption. They again as a sacrificial layer to the aspects, reducing thermal shock roof concern to the building by moderating natural growth and contraction.

Starkweather Roofing installs a restoration coating system over a built-up roof by first erecting a tumble protection system (as per O.S.H.A. requirements) and a controlled derive entry to zone for the protection of the public or tenants of the building. We neat the entire ground by vitality washing the entire roof to get away grime, oil, and any loose materials. Next we get away all blisters, ridges, and loose materials then patch all identified leaks, penetrations, flashings, cracks, and splits besides to reseal all vents, pipes, drains, scuppers, and ductwork utilizing acrylic caulk and a polyester mesh. Aircon items and coolers are raised as wanted to effectively roof below, then unique redwood blocks are installed below the items. Any deteriorated steel is replaced, and an application of roof coating is installed to the entire roof ground, abet-rolled to insist moral adhesion. A closing application of roof coating is then installed to the entire roof ground perpendicular to the prior coat to originate a seamless protective membrane that produces a durable, climate-resistant, energy efficient ground and that may perchance well be walked on for standard upkeep. Within the smash, we neat the job region and haul away all roofing-linked materials.

In a few instances (assuming twice-annual preventive roof cleansing and maintenance is performed) this course of may perchance well be repeated every 7-12 years, fending off the need for additional costly plod-off and change.

For a free roof inspection or to derive a quote on a built up roof restoration coating system, please occupy out our short on-line quote demand originate ( or email Starkweather@StarkweatherRoof.com with any questions.

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