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El NiÑO rather of enhanced storm totals as smartly as frequency and length in Southeast Arizona. Most definitely; this El NiÑO became solid enough to provide enough differential heating between sea and land.

The Four-Corners excessive stayed largely in West Texas and Jap Original Mexico, hence the shuffle along with the circulation became basically from the SE. Southeast Arizona bring collectively extreme climate when the Excessive Stress cell is over the Four-corners or midway on the border between AZ and UT; this creates Easterly shuffle along with the circulation.

A number of the fundamental storms produced frequent +CG lightning along the San Pedro River, simply South of St. David. I must now not conscious enjoy such violent lightning storms there. The sigh became extra indulge in a shock wave; I use excessive-end sizable-coil microphones and the strain wave would each and every infrequently collapse them. Hear to the echo across the river when strikes hit my property.

Shot and mastered in 4K 4096×2160 @ 480 Mbps

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